Alan Streather,  who joined Le Willows in 1963,  edits ‘Salix’.  He writes:





All Members of the Society receive a newsletter – Salix – which is produced whenever enough material has been received from Members to make publication worthwhile. Generally, two or three copies of Salix are produced a year. Forthcoming events are described in the newsletter which also keeps everyone informed of the Society’s affairs.






Contributors to Salix – former staff as well as pupils – have contributed,  writing their reminiscences of school (often sentimental and funny) as well as updating everyone on what has happened to them since they left school. We include photos past and present. It is amazing how much people do remember from their past: happy memories are sometimes recalled in great detail. Salix seeks to put people in touch with their past in a sentimental but positive way, as well as helping old friends to stay in touch with each other in the present.




We have read fond memories of school trips abroad and within Britain and have learned of the interesting, diverse lives people have led since their school days. We have Members in various parts of the world and so receive news from abroad as well as home. Letters, articles and photos are always welcome: the more we get, the more interesting we can make the newsletter so please don’t be shy! Salix aims to be a fun publication (even if we have to carry sad news occasionally). Tell us about yourself and your friends, tell us anecdotes, give us memories, tell us anything you think will make people happy.













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