A grimmer Summer event





There’s still time to book to join other Carlton le Willows alumni on this year’s  Summer Event.  If you are a member of the Society or on our mailing lists you will have already received full details and a flyer/application form well before now.


Unfortunately I have been unable to provide the Society with any web service at all since Christmas owing to a serious and very unexpected illness being suffered by my daughter.  My wife and I have had to support her and act as liaison with the hospital services as she hasn’t been able to care for herself over this period and we’ve had to devote all our time and energy to the emergency:  I apologise to you all and to Pat and the other committee members organising the event for the trouble this has caused.  At the moment my daughter is back in her flat,  and with her pain reasonably well controlled she’s much more able to look after herself,  so I’m doing what I can to provide website readers with information they need and a copy of the booking form.  If you’re hoping to sign up to come with us,  it’s now very close to the closing date,  so it would be advisable to send an email or contact the organisers by 'phone to let us know you’re coming (see below).


Here’s what’s on offer:




The date is Saturday,  9th August,  in the City of Nottingham.  We’ll meet at the Broadmarsh Centre at 10:45 am to look down and explore the caves  below the Broad Marsh;  then after lunch together at the French Living restaurant in King Street we’ll look up with a guided tour around the City centre.  Finally we’ll have refreshments at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery’s tea and coffee shop before going our separate ways or,  for those who wish,  there’ll be time for a brief visit to the gallery itself.  The guided tour of the City will finish by 15:45 at the latest.






The Tannery


Access to the caves is on the upper mall level of the Broadmarsh centre,  close to the Broadmarsh and Fletcher Gate car parks.  We’ll assemble here at 10:45 ready to start our tour at 11:00.  The known history of the caves we’ll explore goes back to the 11th century and by the 17th century troglodytes were known to be living here.  Since then the caves have been used for many things including factories,  pub cellars and even air raid shelters.  So we’ll all go down to the depths of town and be back in time for – well,  lunch.


Visit the official website at http://www.cityofcaves.com/  to learn more – these links open on a new tab.






French Living


Lunch is at the French Living restaurant on King Street – a bistro-style French restaurant which appears to have translated the name of the street it’s on back into French.  The tempting French-style items on the constantly-changing menus might do the same to your eating habits.  Or not (I’ve never eaten here myself).  Prices are around £15 for a three-course lunch and you can see sample menus on their website http://frenchliving.co.uk/






A Regency Lion


At 13:45 we’ll join our guide to explore around the City centre and learn about its acncient history – including perhaps the fact that the piece of history represented by the picture on the left is not quite so ancient as some suppose.  It is nearly as young as we are.








Nottingham Contemporary Gallery

After our tour of the City centre,  due to end at 15:45,  we’ll repair to the coffee shop that forms part of the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery to say our goodbyes,  and then maybe some will choose to visit some of the art on show – exhibitions change constantly.  We won’t have long – the gallery closes at 17:00.  To find out what’s on,  visit http://www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/ 








All are welcome to join us – members,  other past pupils or staff at the school,  and their friend or partner.  But really hurry:  the official closing date for bookings is 27th. July together with a £15 deposit for each person (which includes £5 for each tour and a minimum payment of £5 for lunch)  payable to CLEWS (restaurant bills over £5 should be paid individually to the restaurant).  


If it’s too late for that to happen you can email events@www.carltonlewillowsgs.org.uk or telephone 0115 961 2511 or 0115 956 2322.






Roger Pikett,  November 2013


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