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Home Pages (this section):  Includes our leader page with the latest information about the Summer Event on August 9th.


About the School:  Some history,  some images,  some personalities,  and what it  was like to be there.  You’ll find the  programme for the School’s official opening by Sir John Wolfenden,  which shows the original layout;  biographies of two of the early School’s most remarkable teachers;  a panorama photo of the original intake; and a selection of items from the early School magazines. 


The Register:  An almost complete list of every pupil who attended the Grammar School,  indexed by school name and separately by class-year.  It now includes all information received up to May 2013.


Reunions:  In 2004 and 2002 we organised small-scale outings on the Trent and on September 6th. 2003 we celebrated 50 years since the first pupils were enlisted with a major reunion.  And in 2013 we held our latest reunion.  Postings include pictures of some events,  and lists of those who actually came. 


About CLeWS:   About our Society:  what we’re here for, what we do,  how we run ourselves,  and current news.  You can also download copies of the first two issues of our Newsletter.


Join CLeWS:   Join us,  support us and meet old friends.  Read and write to our magazine SALIX,  and get discounts on CLeWS events


Common Room :  Send us a message to post on the site,  share a memory,  or  tell everyone  what you think about life, the universe or anything.


About the Site:    How and why we’re re-developing the site;  our plans for the future and a little help while you’re looking round


Contacts and Links:     How to contact us;  some links to other sites you may be interested in.