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Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society is a private society for former pupils and staff of the school in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, during its Grammar School period (1953-1974). Our site may also be of interest to those researching education in England in the fifties and sixties, in the early years of the 11+ examination system, and in the social consequences of these things. The Society organises reunion events, some for its members and some also open to the wider target group, and it also aims to foster continuing links between old friends and acquaintances and to keep the spirit of the original school alive. As well as this site it publishes a regular magazine, Salix, including memoirs,  images and anecdotes provided by members. 

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Leaves Online

Home Page The home page includes a leader article, a 'contents' page describing the main site sections, and the Society Notice Board.   It can also include details of upcoming events.


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CLeWS Notice Board

Tony Lawler blog

About the School: This section includes pages about Carlton Le Willows school in Gedling,  Notts. (Nottinghamshire) during the Grammar School period,  between 1953 and 1974.  The first page introduces the section,  and further pages describe its history and some of the people who studied or worked there.  The 'Panoramas' page gives access to a selection of historic School photographs.

 About the School


 Setting the Scene

 Open Day Programme

Newspaper Report

Stephen Marshall


Haydn Riley

Magazine: Selections of items from the Grammar School magazines, presented as images of the magazine pages.
Autumn Introduction by Isaac Stamper - 1957
First Assembly 1957
The Rambling Club 1957
The Witch Hour: Poem by Tom Timms
Reflections of a School Leaver by an unknown 6th. former 1960
Review by B.J.Withnall of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' 1961
Photo: The Importance of Being Earnest 1961
Homecoming: Poem by Susan Skinner 1963
'Queen Elizabeth Slept Here' - Review of the Staff Play by R. J. Marriot 1963
L'Automne: Poem by Lynda Daykin 1963
Morts et Oubliés: Poem by June Flower 1964
Winter Christmas Eve in Poland by Zofia Iwanejko 1964
'Christmas': poem by Silvana Harvey 1964
Twelfth Night: Review of School Play 1959 by R. L. Pikett
'White Snow': Poem by Sheila Cupitt 1964
The Fog: poem by Jane Powell and drawing by Linda Brown 1970
Charley's Aunt: Review of Staff Play by D. Wright 1961
'Owls in Winter': Poem and drawing by Caroline Nicholson 1972
Spring Formation of the first Old Pupils Society, 1962
'Looking at the Rain': Poem by Anne Colbourne 1965
'In the Country': Poem by Anne Dickinson 1965
'Song of the Seeds': Poem by Sheila Orridge 1962
'Symbol': Poem by Roger Pikett 1956
France Rugby: School Rugby tour led by David Roberts 1964
Holland: Another Rugby tour led by David Roberts 1970
Snowdonia: Field Study trip 1965
The Lakes: Field Study trip 1968
The Scillies: Camping trip 1967
The Scillies Again: Camping trip 1968
Two Lakeland Holidays: Trips to the lakes in 1956 and 57
Trip to Penzance in 1957
Trip to Swanage in 1956
Trip tothe Isle of Arran in 1963
Holiday in Norway 1964 reported by Christine Ross
Exchange with Hamburg in 1956
Trip to Rome in 1969 reported by Steven Gee
The Matchmaker: School Play reviewed by R.J.Marriot 1964
New School Organ: reported by W.V.Todd 1965
A French Entertainment: Joint School Presentation 1966
Johnson Over Jordan: School Play: 1966 reviewed by Glenice Ray
Music: Bill Todd retires - report by Eleanor Squire 1969
Our Town: School Play reviewed by Linda Gasper 1969
Une Petite Pièce de Théâtre: Play by 3P reviewed by Andrea Gee and Judith Bates 1969
The Gypsy Baron: School Opera reported by Zofia Iwanejko 1970
Ruddigore: School Opera reported by Jane MacKnight and Dave Gratton 1971
Summer Austria: School Trip
Brittany: School Trip
Carnaval: Les Andelys
Crystal River: Poem
Green Song: Poem
Grizedale Forest: Poem
House Drama competitions
Jelly Fish: Essay
Malham: School Trip
Motor Bikes: Essay
Murder: Essay
Music of the Days: Poem
Music: Report on School Music Year
My Silkmoths: Poem
Noon in the Midi: Poem
On Retirement: Poem by C.R.Swaby
Opening Day: Official School Opening
Quimper: School Trip
Reflections: Essay
Return to the Town: Poem
River Wye: Poem
Salix People: Notes on Alumni
Salix Society: Report
Scorebox: Building the School Scorebox
Speech Day: Report
Speech Observance: Humour
Sports Day: Essay
The Bell: Essay
The Seal: Poem
Two in a Punt: Essay
The Register: This section offers a registry of pupils who attended the school,   in class-year or alphabetic sequences.

Introduction by Andrew Gardner

Class Year Lists

Alphabetic Lists

About CLeWS: This section describes the Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society: who it is for, what it does, its structure and constitution,  the Officers,  and how to join.

About CLeWS


CLeWS Constitution

Join CLeWS

Application Form

Common Room: This section is for visitors who want to post messages to the site.  It is only available in frames - click the 'Common Room' tab on the home page. CLeWS Home page (frame-enabled browsers only)
Reunions This section describes the Society’s reunions, and especially the 50th. anniversary reunion held at the School on 6th. September 2003.  Major reunions are open to all with links to the school in its Grammar School period,  and (usually) guests.  Some smaller events are open to members only.
Reunion 2007: Reunion 2007
River Trips: 2004 (1)
2004 (2)
Reunion 2003:
On the Grass
School Tour
Reunion Attenders in alphabetical order
Reunion Attenders by School Year
What earlier reunions were like:

Comments on past reunions

Pictures of past reunions

Links This section includes links to related sites and contact details for CLeWS officials. Links
 About our Site This section describes how to use the site,  why the Society decided to re-launch it in this form, how to submit material for posting, and the technical structure of the site.  It also sets out our current plans for future development.

 How to use the site

Why relaunch the site?

 Sending us material

Technical details of the site

Next steps: future plans for the site